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Netherlands vs Croatia 2-4 (AET) Highlights (Download Video)

Netherlands vs Croatia Highlights

Download Football Video: Netherlands vs Croatia 2-4 (AET) Highlights #NationsLeague


Netherlands vs Croatia 2-4 (AET) Highlights Download: UEFA Nations League (Semi-Final) – June 14th, 2023. 

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The AFCON qualification of Netherlands vs Croatia‘s match started with full attacking forces.

Vlasic sees his shot saved by Bijlow after he breaks through the middle but the linesman correctly calls offside.

Ivanusec set up the ball inside the box for Pasalic to send in a tremendous shot and put his team in front.

Croatia defend the Netherlands’ corner well but Koeman’s team win it back and Aké hits a shot at Livakovic!

Penalty for Croatia! Modric was alone in the box, but Gakpo holds him and the maximum penalty is awarded.

Livakovic is down with what looks like a back injury: he clashed with Vida when going for a high ball.

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Modric and co. are perfectly happy to go into every battle at full speed, full strength and fully prepared to go down to ground if needs be.

Croatia have used the last 3 minutes brilliantly, keeping the ball and going down at every opportunity.

Croatia made the Netherlands players ask themselves ‘how much do you want it? are you ready to chase us for it?’ as they pull off some wonderful movements in the middle third, with Kovacic and Modric passing the ball like they’re in the park with a group of competition winners.

Livakovic comes out to punch away a Gakpo cross aimed at Weghorst’s head. As you do.

The Croatian goalkeeper then smothers the rebound cross and wastes/saves a few precious seconds.

The Netherlands, to their credit, are fully aware that attacking is the only way. And given the fact they’ve got a real-life man-mountain in the box, they might as well take advantage of him.


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