NAF to sell Presidential aircraft, calls for bidders

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has announced the availability of the Falcon 900B aircraft, previously part of the Presidential fleet, for sale to interested buyers.

In a statement released by NAF, the aircraft’s sale has been sanctioned by the Federal Government, and interested parties are invited to participate in the bidding process for its purchase.

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According to the announcement posted on X, the sale aligns with the Public Procurement Act 2007, and interested buyers can submit their bids through email or physical means.

For email submissions, bids should be password protected and sent to, with the password transmitted separately to dproc2@

In the case of physical submissions, quotations must be enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the name and address of the interested company or entity, along with a detailed description and reference to the request. The envelope should also bear the inscription “DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 24 DECEMBER 2023.”

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NAF has advised that bids will be processed immediately following the deadline for submission.

This initiative by the NAF represents an opportunity for interested parties to acquire the Falcon 900B aircraft, as facilitated and regulated by the government’s guidelines for procurement.