Na We Be Mumu: Man Blows Hot In Abuja Over Burna Boy Concert

Na We Be Mumu: Man Blows Hot In Abuja Over Burna Boy Concert

An Abuja-based man wasn’t entirely pleased with Burna Boy’s conduct at his recent concert which was originally slated for 8 pm in the night.

The Twice as Tall singer didn’t show up to the venue until past three in the morning when the excitement from some attendees had already fizzled away.

The man also claimed that Burna Boy made no attempt to apologize for his lateness after he eventually showed up on stage

Perpetual lateness has been a recurring topic for Detty December concerts and singer Burna Boy seems to be among artistes who can’t seem to keep to time.

Just recently, a displeased individual identified as Henry took to social media lamenting the singer’s lateness to his concert in Abuja which was slated for 8 pm at night.

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Henry who had grown impatient after waiting for so many hours said even the DJs at the event appeared to have run out of songs to play to keep the audience engaged.

It is 3:03am. DJ has run out of songs to play, he is nearly at 1980 songs. Hypemen don tire. Yet no Burnaboy.” Henry went on to blame himself and other attendees for spending their hard-earned money.

In a different post, the displeased man said Burna Boy eventually showed up at 3:25am and didn’t even apologize. He wrote:

“3:25am, He got on stage and the first thing he did was shine teeth. Like literally shined teeth…and then just went on as if he came out at 3:25pm. I left at 3:30 as I just could not stomach it anymore.”

See the screenshot below:

Henry's post


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