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My Dad Co-wrote National Anthem But Never Got Credit - Eddy Remedy

Revealing the Untold Story: My Father’s Contribution to the Nigerian National Anthem – Eddy Remedy.


In a poignant revelation, Eddy Remedy, the esteemed singer and former member of The Remedies, sheds light on an overlooked aspect of Nigeria’s history. He unveils the untold narrative of his father, Ashiedu Brown, a retired police officer who played a significant role in crafting the Nigerian national anthem alongside the Nigeria Police Band. Despite his pivotal contribution, Brown never received due credit, with all recognition directed solely to his superior, Benedict Elise Odiase, the band’s director.

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Remedy’s heartfelt account reveals a disheartening reality: his father’s dedication and talent went unrecognized by the nation he served. Reflecting on his father’s experience, Remedy expresses deep-seated frustration, emphasizing how this injustice influenced his own career path. In a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, Remedy articulates his understanding of his father’s apprehension towards his musical aspirations, citing the lack of acknowledgment and reward as a cautionary tale.

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The narrative unfolds as a poignant reminder of the often-overlooked contributors to Nigeria’s cultural heritage. Through Remedy’s testimony, a call for recognition and appreciation of all unsung heroes who have shaped the nation’s identity emerges. This revelation not only honors the legacy of Ashiedu Brown but also prompts a reevaluation of the narratives that define Nigeria’s history. As Remedy’s voice amplifies the silenced stories, it beckons a reckoning with the past and a commitment to acknowledging the contributions of all who have played a part in shaping the nation’s anthem and its cultural tapestry.




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