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Mr Real Calls Out Mr Eazi & D'banj Over Alleged Debt

Nigerian rapper, Okafor Uchenna Victor, popularly known as Mr Real, has publicly addressed issues of alleged debt involving his colleagues D’banj and Mr Eazi.

In a recent installment of the Terms And Conditions podcast, Mr Real revealed that both D’banj and Mr Eazi have yet to settle their financial obligations to him for his contributions to their songs ‘Issa Banger’ and ‘Overload’ respectively.

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Expressing his dismay, Mr Real disclosed that his attempts to reach out to them had gone unanswered, indicating a lack of response to his calls and messages.

Detailing his grievances, Mr Real explained, “I collaborated with D’banj on a song called ‘Issa Banger,’ where I not only featured but also brought in my producer, Cracker, and Slimcase. Despite the song’s success and the effort put into its creation and video production, I feel entitled to what is rightfully mine, especially considering its use in various movies, including American ones. Yet, I haven’t received any royalties.”

He continued, shedding light on another collaboration: “Regarding ‘Overload,’ there wasn’t any contractual agreement or split sheet provided by Mr Eazi. Even to this day, there hasn’t been any compensation.”

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Mr Real further emphasized his expectations, stating, “While some say that favors shouldn’t warrant expectations, I do expect reciprocation. When I extend a favor, I anticipate mutual respect in return.”

Expressing his aspirations, he added, “We aspire to attain similar financial success. We desire to live the affluent lifestyle. It’s important for them to assist us. I’m not calling them out, but there’s an understanding that they should fulfill these obligations. Unfortunately, attempts to communicate with D’banj and Mr Eazi have proven futile as they haven’t responded to my calls or messages.”