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Nigerian Singer, Mohbad Is Dead At 27

Relatives of the late Nigerian artist and songwriter, Mohbad, have been observed strategizing to acquire his assets from his wife, mere hours after his untimely demise.

The news of Mohbad’s sudden passing sent shockwaves through social media, with the artist’s death occurring shortly after his performance in Ikorodu. While the exact cause of his death remains unclear, conflicting reports have emerged. Some sources suggest he succumbed to ear infections, while others speculate that he fell victim to mystical forces, such as juju, during his time in Ikorodu.

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Recently, a video surfaced online, showcasing Mohbad’s relatives convening to discuss their intentions to claim the late artist’s belongings, including his wife and their five-month-old child. This discussion took place at the burial site in Ikorodu, highlighting the distressing circumstances surrounding the situation.



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Check some people’s reactions below;

@LaceVine: They said they’ll take everything from the wife. They were already talking about his wealth and properties and they’ve not even buried him yet. I feel so bad for the wife.

@Sxlxm_szn: They don’t even have the patience to do his burial first before discussing about his property.

@Stanleyeneh3: Is the lady (wife) responsible for his death? So why planning on how to collect all properties?

@Chocobuttermi: I don’t think it’s possible he didn’t write will o… Since he knew people are after him

@Biodun_OG: The family will make sure the wife doesn’t gain possession of any of Mohbad’s properties. I feel men should start preparing their will even at the early stages of marriage just incase something goes wrong.

@Views09: And the thing is even after collecting it from the wife, you won’t still see the impact in their lives, cos they will squander the entire asset on nonsense

Not even the 5 months old baby is a concern for them, not how to get justice for the person that died, just greed