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Meet Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 Contestants, The Jungle Combatants Revealed

Here is the list of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 contestants. The 18 contestants that will enter the jungle for the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 2021, tagged the ‘Age of Craftmanship’ were revealed at a public ceremony in Lagos. ROTIMI IGE profiles the contestants set for the ultimate showdown, where the eventual winner will walk away with N50m.


Name: Mfon Mikel Esin

Age: 27 years

State of origin: Akwa Ibom

Hobbies: Swimming, reading and travelling

Mfon loves soccer and is an ardent supporter of Arsenal FC. He likes adventure, writing and reading. He says he is a casanova and considers himself uniquely charming. He dislikes injustice and would go to any length to ensure people are treated right. His aim is to be the ultimate man and wants to rewrite the history of Gulder Ultimate Search with his story.

Name: Opeyemi Samuel Ishmael

Age: 35 years

State of origin: Ogun

Hobbies : Travelling, video games, adventure

Ope is an IT expert that is working towards becoming a scrum master in the next one year. He plays basketball for leisure and also loves mountain climbing. Already, he has climbed three mountains and has a target to climb four mountains before the middle of 2022.

Name: Chidimma Okeibe

Age: 29 years

State of origin: Imo

Hobbies: Swimming and adventure

Chidimma is a Human Resources manager and a project assistant. She also functions as a digital marketer. She was a teacher and has a passion to teach the younger generation on how to make the right career choice.

She believes every woman should be empowered in today’s world and supports girl-child education.


Name: Olayinka Gabriel Omoya

Age: 26 years

State of origin: Ekiti

Hobbies: Singing, swimming, movies and dancing

Olayinka is an artiste, a writer and a content creator. He considers himself to be jovial and down to earth and has a great sense of humour. He hopes to be an A-list musician and redefine the Afro Pop genre.

Name: Iniabasi Umoren

Age: 26 years

State of origin: Akwa Ibom

Hobbies: Swimming and playing Video Games

Ini studied computer technology and now follows his passion as a singer and music producer. He was the winner of ‘Kill Ma Beat’ competition in 2018. He goes by the stage name ‘Saint Bond’.

Ini has a black belt (Shotokan karate). He plans to entertain the viewers and says he will be the ‘life of the party’ during the show.

Name: Solomon Iliya Yankari

Age: 26 years

State of origin: Bauchi

Hobbies: Swimming, hiking and fitness

Solomon is a fitness instructor, a personal trainer and owns a gym in Bauchi. He loves to explore, reason why he hikes and organises boot camps for fitness enthusiasts. He is working towards building a fitness and music community.

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He aspires to be successful in the fitness industry and to build a gym franchise. He also sees fitness as a way of helping people build a healthier life.


Name: Omokhafe Racheal Bello

Age: 34 years

State of origin: Edo

Hobbies: Travelling, swimming, cooking and singing.

Racheal is a good cook and likes to sing. She owns her own soap brand and a part time realtor.

She is a graduate of microbiology and in her spare time indulges in her part-time passion for ‘tie and dye’.

Name: Damilola Opeoluwa Odedina

Age: 25 Years

State of origin: Ogun

Hobbies : Volunteering, Swimming and playing football

Damilola is a cinematographer and a video editor. He has a first degree in Economics and a post-graduate degree in Journalism.

He believes that every gift and talent one possesses should be for the good of humanity. He values honesty and accountability and is a strong believer in God.

He has a passion for sports development and hopes he can be a catalyst to transform the Nigerian sports sector to be a money-spinning sector. He believes in the cause of humanity and volunteers at every opportunity he can.

Name: Tosin Michael Emiola

Age: 33 years

State of origin: Osun

Hobbies: Football, basketball and chess.

Tosin says he will bring wits, intelligence and grit to the show this year.


Name: Tobechukwu Okoye

Age: 26 years

State of origin: Anambra

Hobbies: Football and dancing

Tobechukwu is a part-time student that enjoys watching football and a fan of Real Madrid. He’s smart, creative and wouldn’t shy away from any challenge that comes his way.

Name: Emmanuel Ifeanyi Nnebe

Age:  29 years

State of origin: Anambra

Hobbies: Swimming, Writing, Dancing

Emmanuel is a paralegal and a model. He was the ‘Face of Sapphire’ 2020. He is self motivated with a desire to some day be a lawyer.  He plans to start a fashion school in the near future. He is writing a book and looks forward to publishing it in the near future.


Name: Esitima Francis Edem

Age: 24 years

State Of Origin: Akwa Ibom

Hobbies: Cooking, swimming and working out

Esitima is a graduate of accounting. She is a model and a caterer. She plans to model for a major brand. She runs an NGO which takes care of the needy by providing their basic needs (clothes, food, etc). She thinks she has all it takes to beat the world and come out tops.

Name: Damola Johnson

Age: 26 years

State of origin: Lagos

Hobbies: Football and Swimming

Damola is a film director, a media executive and a writer. He also works as a business developer within the tech industry. He considers himself to be unique with his combination of brains and precision.

He owns a motion picture company and hopes that one day his movie will be on the big screen.

Name: Gerald Odeka

Age: 35 years

State of origin: Delta

Hobbies: Singing, playing video games and travelling

Gerald won gold, silver and bronze at the 2012 edition of the National Sports Festival and was at the World Athletics Championship in Russia in 2013.

He hopes to bring good content to the show and also create a platform for himself which he plans to build on after the show.


Name: Jennifer Goodness Okorie

Age: 22 years

State of origin: Abia

Hobbies: Singing, dancing and sports

Jennifer is a student of philosophy. She runs a small fashion business. She is an athlete and loves listening to different genres of music. She swims to relax and plans to be a broadcaster at graduation.

Name: Orevaoghene Godswill Oboh

Age: 25 years

State of origin: Delta

Hobbies : Adventure and swimming

Oreva is an MC and runs his own event lighting company. He is a graduate of Electrical Electronics.

He plays the bass guitar and is also a model. His dream is to grow his business and offer unique services.