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 Many things people do not know about Sat Guru Maharaj, Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim

Many things people do not know about Sat Guru Maharaj,


1. His real name was Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim.

2. He resided in Ibadan,Oyo State.

3. He was a Nigerian spiritual leader.

4. He once declared himself to be a Living Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji

5. He was also called the “Black Jesus”.

6. He said sometime that he had power over all illnesses and all problems affecting humanity.

7. He worked for Nigeria Airways and travelled between Africa and London.

8.He led a communitarian group with various names, such as One Love Family; the One Love Mission;One Love, One Family;and the Divine Love Family.

8. In 1989, former members claimed that 200 bodies were buried around the ashram. Ji was arrested, but the charges were dropped when no bodies were found.

9. In 1999, the ashram was burned down by youths connected to the Iju Youths Progressive Union who were angered by the alleged killing of a Ghanaian man by devotees.

10. He was charged with the crime along with twelve of his disciples, and was kept in jail for several months. He was again acquitted in 2000 and While incarcerated he received an average of 25 visitors a day.

11. In 2000, he asserted that a visit by US President Bill Clinton to Nigeria was part of an American plan to open a military base in Nigeria and to take control of Africa.

12. In 2003, he said the re-election of Olusegun Obasanjo as president of Nigeria was part of a “Golden Change”, for which he was responsible.[11] In 2004, he predicted that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush.

13. The same year he held a press conference warning church leaders to use contributions in accordance with biblical principles, such as feeding the poor, or else they would face the wrath of God.

14. At a press conference in 2008, he expressed his strong support for Nuhu Ribadu as chair of Nigeria’s anti-corruption Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, saying, “The fight against corruption must be seen as a genuine effort to stabilize Nigeria and give meaning to all.

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15. Those who have sought spiritual guidance from him include Mohammed Abacha and Hamza al-Mustapha.


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