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Man Utd vs Man City 0-0 Highlights (Download Video)

Man Utd vs Man City 0-0 Highlights

Download Football Video: Man Utd vs Man City 0-0 Highlights #MUNMCI .


Man Utd vs Man City Highlights Download: December 2020 – Premier League Results. 

This latest 2020 Manchester Derby went disappointed with goaless draw.

Trying to receive a pass from Martial on the left touchline near the halfway line, Bruno Fernandes accidentally lets the ball roll under his foot and out for a throw-in. He shakes his head in disbelief, spits on the floor and walks away full of self-loathing.

Roy Keane is unhappy with man utd vs man city results 2020, he is not pleased by the sight of the players and backroom staff being too polite to each other at the end of the game as they shook hands and exchanged post-match pleasantries.

He said;

“At the end of the game, the staff … they’re smiling and hugging … the players chatting with each other … just get down the tunnel. Cut that … I don’t get it … everyone wants to be pals with each other and be popular. You’re playingh with these clubs, particularly Manchester United, to win football matches, not to be mates with everybody.”

So there you have it: if Manchester United’s players had been less polite after the final whistle, they might well have taken all three points from this game.


Man Utd vs Man City head to head

Out of 182 competitive meeting, Manchester United won 76, City won 54 and 52 draws. The Stats


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