Man Nearly Get Killed While Trying To Kill A Cow (Video)

Man Nearly Get Killed While Trying To Kill A Cow (Video)

Watch hilarious video of a middle age man trying to tie the cow legs ||

The funny incidence happened at an unknown area in India.

Cow is not just an animal any man can walk up to, tie it down and kill it all alone. God just made it easy for human to be easily controls them, not by man’s power.

They are 6 men trying men trying to kill the big cow. The said cow has already been tied down. All the six men held it down.

While the cow was half killed, the rope they used to tie its legs together losses.

The man holding down the legs was trying to tie it back while other were still busy holding other parts.

The cow started retaliating immediately the man touched its legs. The stubborn cow used its leg to pushed the man away and the man fell. He attempted to do so for several times and the continued to retaliate.



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