Luizao: How Brazilian Centre-back Became Benfica Legend

Luizao: How Brazilian Centre-back Became Benfica Legend

Many fans associate Brazil with dribbling, because almost every football player, from an early age, hones his skills in favelas of large cities. The luckiest ones manage to join youth systems of local clubs, which subsequently increases their chances of starting a professional career. Online betting Nigeria is possible on 1xBet, and therefore any local bettor won’t face any problems with the analysis of Brazilian football.

However, despite the cult of attacking football in Brazil, this country should also have goalkeepers and defenders. Luizao is considered one of the most prominent representatives of the backline in the history of Brazilian football.

He began his professional career at the age of 18, playing for Juventus São Paulo. After two seasons with that club, he joined Portuguese top-flight club SL Benfica. If you want to get possible money on online betting in Nigeria, it is better to use 1xBet site, where you can place bets on the Primeira Liga matches. Overall, this team was a great option to pursue Luizao’s career.


From the very first games, Luizao became the main defender of Benfica. However, it seemed hardly realistic back then that this would be his first and last club in Europe. He spent a whopping 15 years in Portugal, playing a total of 337 matches and scoring 26 goals. Good results given his position. Many people wonder what is live betting – 1xBet, and the truth is that for those who understand the specifics of betting, this is an opportunity to make a profit during any match.

Fans of the football player often hit the jackpot, because the very fact of Luizao’s presence on the field gave a chance for a positive result. Of course, the effective performance in Portugal also drew attention to Luizao by the coaching staff of the Brazilian national team. In total, he played 46 matches for Selecao and netted three goals.

Not a bad indicator considering the competition in Brazil’s defensive line during the period of his career. Subsequently, questions about what 1xBet live betting is will also appear among fans who will follow his coaching activities. Given that he was a smart player, it can be assumed that the chances of success in coaching are also quite high.

Luizao’s achievements in professional football

Naturally, the Brazilian defender’s football career can be called successful, because he achieved everything he wanted. With his luck, he would also succeed at, where luck is important. During his long career, he managed to:

  • win the Primeira Liga six times;
  • win other domestic competitions 13 times;
  • win the Brazilian Serie A once with Cruzeiro;
  • win the Confederations Cup twice (2005 & 2009) and the 2004 Copa America with Brazil.

Quite a solid career. After Luizao called time on his career, 1xBet no longer perceived Brazil as the clear favourite of international tournaments. After all, he was an important part of the defense of the Pentacampeones.

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