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Liverpool vs West Ham 2-1 Highlights (Download Video)

Liverpool vs West Ham 2-1 Highlights


Download Football Video: Liverpool vs West Ham 2-1 Highlights #livwhu (EPL).


Liverpool vs West Ham Highlights Download: October 2020 – Premier League. #liverpool #westham #epl 

They defended quite magnificently. But they were ripped in two by a magical Xherdan Shaqiri pass, a defence-splitter and a nutmeg, all rolled into one.

The in-form Diogo Jota slammed home, and Liverpool go top of the table. They’re three points ahead of Everton, who visit Newcastle tomorrow.

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West Ham remain in 13th position on eight points, but should take heart from their performance. They’ve gone toe-to-toe with Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester City and now Liverpool, causing great concern against them all.

It bodes well for the future. It’s unfashionable to say it, but David Moyes is doing a fine job.

VAR decision was for a foul on Ogbonna, and not the keeper. Like I say, clear and obvious? “I am an Everton fan,” writes Mary Waltz. “Nothing would make me happier then a Liverpool loss.

But VAR has to go. That was simply a multi player scramble and that should be a good goal. VAR has to be binned and we will accept the inevitable howler from a human official.” Preach.






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