Landon Clifford Biography

Landon Clifford: An American YouTube Sensation Remembered.


Landon Clifford was a prominent American YouTuber and social media influencer who left a lasting impact on the online world. With numerous YouTube channels and an active Twitch account, he was a force to be reckoned with in the digital realm. His main YouTube channel alone boasted over 1.2 million devoted subscribers, a testament to his charisma and creativity.

During his teenage years, Landon Clifford was featured on popular YouTube channels such as OKbaby and Oscar Morales, solidifying his presence in the YouTube community.


Quick Facts about Landon Clifford:

  • Full Name: Landon Clifford
  • Date of Birth: February 17, 2001
  • Date of Death: August 19, 2020
  • Age at the Time of Passing: 19 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Lee County, North Carolina, US
  • Place of Death: North Carolina, US
  • Profession: YouTuber and Social Media Personality
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Hometown: Lee County, North Carolina, US
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Education: Local School, US
  • Net Worth: $0.9 Million


Landon Clifford’s Biography: Landon Clifford was born and raised in Lee County, North Carolina, USA, in a Christian household. Tragically, he passed away in the same state where he spent his formative years. Landon was an American citizen born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. He received his early education at a local school but had not yet pursued higher education.

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Landon Clifford’s Family: Landon’s family played a significant role in his life. His father, known as Mr. Clifford, worked as a teacher, while his mother, Mrs. Clifford, was employed as a tutor.

Landon Clifford’s Career: Landon embarked on his professional journey by creating and sharing videos on YouTube. His YouTube channel, “Cam&Fam,” was a collaborative effort with his wife, Camryn Clifford, showcasing their family’s daily experiences. Additionally, Landon operated another YouTube channel called “coolcam1009” to display his various interests and talents. He also maintained a presence on Twitch with the username “Clifford2001.”

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Through hard work and dedication, Landon Clifford garnered a substantial income from his YouTube channels and other online platforms. His creative and engaging content attracted a large following, enabling him to earn money through advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Net Worth: At the time of his passing, Landon Clifford had an estimated net worth of $0.9 million, primarily stemming from his successful YouTube channels.

Age: Landon Clifford was born on February 17, 2001, and sadly, he passed away on August 13, 2020, at the tender age of 19.

Marriage: Landon Clifford was married to Camryn Clifford, a fellow YouTuber and social media personality. The couple shared two children, Delilah Rose Clifford and Collette Briar Clifford.

Height: Landon Clifford stood at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, with a weight of approximately 72 kg.

In remembrance of Landon Clifford, his impact on the YouTube and social media communities continues to be felt, and his creative contributions live on through the content he left behind.