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Juventus won two of the three matches played against Como in Serie A (1N), however both away; following the draw on November 27, 2022, Como could therefore become the first team against which the Bianconere fail to win in their first two home matches in the competition.

Como did not win any of the three matches played against Juventus in Serie A (1BA, 2L), and only against Milan and Roma (four each) played more matches in the competition without ever winning three points. The Juventus team may also become the third team, after Milan and Pomigliano, with whom the Como team has two draws in the tournament.

Juventus has won seven of its last 13 matches against Lombardy teams in Serie A (4BA, 2L), after Bianconere was successful in 12 of its previous 14 matches against these top-flight teams (1BA).

Juventus have kept clean sheets in three of their last four matches against Lombardy teams in the championship (the last one was a 2-1 win against Milan, with the exception of January 13 last year), for the Piedmont side as many clean sheets as they had in their previous 14 matches against them teams in Serie A.

Como is one of the two teams against which Juventus has won a Serie A match with the highest goal difference: 6-0 on August 27, 2022 and 7-1 against Orobica on December 7, 2019.


Juventus lost three of the first 15 matches in this championship (11 wins, 1 draw), including the last one against Roma, and is now only one defeat away from the record recorded in one edition of Serie A (four defeats in 26 league matches 22/23) . Moreover, Bianconere has only once suffered two defeats in a row in the competition: in April 2018 (against Brescia and Fiorentina).

After drawing 2-2 at home with Fiorentina on January 29, Juventus played against Sassuolo for the first time since November 2022).

Taking into account the teams present in both Serie A 22/23 and the current one, in this match the team with the fewest clean sheets since the beginning of the last championship (Como, five) and one of the two that collected the most in the period will face each other: Juventus (15), behind Roma (18).

Fresh from a 3-2 draw with Inter (2-3), Como can celebrate two away successes in a row for the second time in Serie A – the first in October last year (against Sampdoria and Sassuolo). Overall, the Como team won three wins in the last six away games (1BA, 2L), one more than in the first 14 away games in the competition (two – 6BA, 6P).

Como scored three goals in the last Championship match against Inter, one less than in his previous eight in the competition (four – two against Roma in December 2023 and two against Milan in January last year).

As of the seventh day of the championship, no team had recorded more defeats in Serie A than Como (six, equaling Pomigliano and Napoli); in addition, only Panthers (four) and Sampdoria (five) scored fewer goals than Lariane during the competition period (seven).


No team has scored more header goals in this Serie A than Juventus: eight – including two in the first leg against Como, with Cecilia Salvai and Lindsey Thomas – equal to Fiorentina.

Only Pomigliano (eight) has conceded more header goals than Como this Serie A (seven), with Lariane conceding four of the last nine goals thanks to this primary goal in the current tournament (from Lucia Di Guglielmo, Eva Schatzer, Andrea Staskova and Michela Cambiaghi) .

Although on the one hand Juventus is the team that has conceded the fewest shots in this championship (132); on the other hand, only Pomigliano (323) has lost more than Como (286) in the 2023/24 Serie A season.

Only Roma (568) recorded more balls played in the opponent's penalty area in this Serie A than Juventus (457); on the other hand, only Sampdoria (222) has less than Como (227) in this situation in the current tournament.

Juventus, along with Roma, is one of the two teams that have scored the most goals from dead balls in this championship (11 in both cases). on the other hand, Como is one of the two that have conceded the fewest goals (two like Napoli) and the one that has conceded the most in percentage terms: 46% (11 out of 24 in total).

No team has conceded fewer goals in the second half of Serie A than Juventus (seven to Roma). in the same half of the match, Como lost 17 points – in the first 15 rounds, only Napoli did worse (19).

Although only Pomigliano (79) has recorded fewer attacking ball recoveries in this Serie A than Como (87), Lariane have scored three goals (like Juventus) after recovering the ball 40 meters or less from the opponent's goal: only Rome has more (nine) in current championship.

Como is both the only team in Serie A that has not yet scored a goal from the penalty spot and the one that has conceded the most goals from 11 meters in the competition (five, including the last one in the match against Inter – Lina Magull).

Juventus scored seven goals from the bench in this championship, only fewer than Fiorentina (13), while Como conceded the same number of goals from substitutes, only fewer than Pomigliano (8).

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