Andrea Losapio, a journalist for TMW and the Bergamo edition of Corriere della Sera, talked about Vlahovic and other best-paid Serie A players who are at risk of being sold. Here is his editorial from Tuttomercatoweb:

“Juventus is trying everything possible to extend Dusan Vlahovic's contract before June. Because next season the salary adjustment will begin: from 8 to 12 million euros net per year. This means 24 million euros gross, and this is a very high amount that the Bianconeri cannot afford. If it is true that this was about returning to more “normal” parameters after years of cannibalization of Serie A in terms of the salaries of a very rich (and very expensive) squad ), on the other hand, there may also be exceptions, but there are not many of them. Rabiot has already gone up to 10 million euros a year including bonuses, the most expensive contract in the entire team – and who knows if he will break the cash also in June – having Vlahovic exceeding this sum would mean an almost certain redness in the balance sheet and, in fact, the need to sell a few gems. To put it bluntly: Soule's 30 million would pay for Vlahovic's year and three months.

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In short, this is why Juventus has been offering a five-year, €10 million contract extension for months. There are fifty million of them instead of twenty-four, looking at it from a purely economic point of view. Besides the fact that Vlahovic is 24, his contract expires in two years, so he will likely be very young to receive another job at the same level and possibly a financial reward upon signing. In short, Vlahovic must be really convinced to extend and extend his contract. Could there be a sale? This is also possible because, as we saw with Osimhen, there are bridge renewals and situations that are difficult to deal with.

However, this is not an isolated case: five of Serie A's best players could change shirts next year for very different reasons. The already mentioned Osimhen will almost certainly say goodbye to Napoli in exchange for an adventure in the Premier League – this desire was expressed a year ago – Rafael Leao recently renewed his contract and is an essential element of Milan, but his situation has deteriorated and if he arrived, a necessary consideration could be considered suggestions. A very similar story with Kvaratskhelia, which, however, has not been renewed for months and seems to be in a declining phase compared to the last, extraordinary season. There are also Barella and Lautaro: both have contracts that expire in 2026, Inter are confident of keeping them, but the reality is that there is a sword of Damocles, which is the loan from Oaktree that expires in May. There we will understand more about the possible durability of both or whether a sacrifice will be necessary. “That's the beauty of next summer's market, which has the risk of starting a revolution even in situations that seem calm.”

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