The second-team project has always been met with skepticism in Italy, as only Juventus and Atalanta have started the project this year and are trying to bring as many young players to the market as possible. Juventus is clearly ahead of everyone and is starting to reap the benefits that its concept owes primarily to Federico Cherubini, one of the project's supporters and one of the managers who have the best chance of making it profitable and effective.

TOILET STARTS – the transition from Serie C to another series is not easy and does not apply to everyone, some have experienced less severe reactions and are also doing well in Serie A, while others have suffered in this category and cannot settle. For example, Barrenechea and Soulé in Frosinone found their way, the same, even if after a year moving to Serie B Dragusin did it in Genoa, Yildiz, Iling, Miretti are doing well in Turin but this is not the case for everyone, Sekulov had difficulties in Cremona , since he was unable to emulate Fagioli, he now returned to Next Gen to start over, Rafia needed a slow journey full of ups and downs before he reached Lecce. However, the C series is the right category for improvement.

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FAST PROGRESS – progress is rapid and it is already clear that other players are ready to flourish, the right method must be chosen, which is either loaning to teams that believe in it, like Frosinone, or developing domestically by releasing players at the right time, like Yildiz, Huijsen and Nonge. Juventus kept them warm and launched them at the right time, and now everyone wants them.

INCREASE IN VALUE – the increase in the value of the players was obvious: Yildiz increased from 10 to 40 million, Huijsen from 5 to 30 million, Nonge from 1 to 5 million, which gives a total increase in value of around 60 million euros.

The strategy is right: develop talents at home and create value, then resell them or make them important to the team.

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