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James Arthur – Finally Feel Good (Mp3 Download)

Download Music: James Arthur – Finally Feel Good

James Arthur – Finally Feel Good Mp3 Download

“Finally Feel Good” is an inspirational song from James Arthur thet has some great message of encouragement to every goal-getter.

On this record, Arthur sings on how he can’t wait till it’s over then he would finally feel good as a winner. It’s a testament he wants to leave to those who believed in him and those with high expectations from him.


Quotable Lyrics:

If it only ain’t been like this
Now I can hold my heart in a fist

And all the voices leave
I can finally put it on my sleeve

Oh, if only they’d really seen it
Maybe they would finally believe me

When I say I’ve won
And my mother gets to see her son

That she can feel proud of
She can feel proud of
She’s proud of me





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