Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland (32) sharply criticized Jake Paul. The former UFC champion responded to Paul's comments about him. A friend of Dutch skater Jutta Leerdam again commented on what Strickland did in training with Sneako.

Sean Strickland and Jake Paul

Strickland, 32, gave Sneako, a vlogger and influencer, the opportunity to spar with him. It didn't end well for Sneako, whose real name is Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy. The 25-year-old internet star was completely crushed by Strickland. Even after Sneako made it clear that he was giving up and therefore did not want to continue, he remained Tarzan pounding on him. Sneako looked dazed and dizzy. Strickland complimented him: “At least you didn't fall!”

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Tattoo done by Betr

“Paul saw the video and wrote next.” He then invited his compatriot to fight: “I recommend you to Puerto Rico and there we will fight with cameras. I'll give you $1 million if you win. But if you go to canvas, you have to get a tattoo: Put this on. Betr is a gambling company that Paul works with.


Strickland did not accept this invitation. This is what he wrote on the smile on my face.”

A real man

This continued for several more posts before Strickland ended his long tirade against Paul. “Everyone needs to understand what kind of person Jake is. It feeds on trolls on the Internet. He fights retired MMA fighters. But the worst thing is that you are a form of cancer. You encourage people to be nothing and do nothing. encourage people to troll because you succeed. You may be rich, but you're not a real man. You and your trolls are not my equals. Money cannot buy dignity.

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