"I Regret Fighting With Cab Man" Solid Star

Popular Nigerian singer Solid Star, has  regret his action and apologized.

He expressed his regrets over his fight with a cab driver in the Festac area f Lagos some weeks ago.

When him and this can man was having physical battle Solid star broke one of the cab’s man windows screen with his foot.

When he was been interviewed  he said he has been getting negative comments and he is unhappy about what transpired between him and the cab man.

"I Regret Fighting With Cab Man" Solid Star

In his words He said;

“My management is ready to buy a new glass to replace the one that was broken during the scuffle. However, that driver ran away with my phone. I am still looking for him in order to get my iPhone because I have so many documents on it.

Unfortunately for him, he cannot use the phone. No one but me can use the phone. But, by taking it away, he has deprived me of a whole lot.

Since the news of the incident broke, I have tried my best to take my mind off it. I have not been happy with some negative comments which followed the event.

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I apologise to everyone, especially my fans, concerning the incident. I was in a hurry to get to the airport and the cab driver was delaying me.

I was so concerned about not missing my flight. I am not a violent person and I don’t have anger issues.

The cab driver stopped the car for no reason, yet he didn’t find an alternative for me.

He was about to leave me stranded while I was running out of time to catch my flight.”

Solid star also made it know that he is sorting some personal issues that’s why he is holding back from realising songs for now.