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Seun Kuti Opens Up: Why Infidelity Won’t Break Our Marriage

Renowned Nigerian afrobeat sensation, Seun Kuti, has made a striking revelation about his stance on marital infidelity, asserting that he wouldn’t end his marriage if his wife were to cheat on him.

In a candid conversation during the Valentine edition of the popular TVC program, Your View, Seun Kuti and his wife Yetunde shared their perspectives on fidelity in marriage. Yetunde echoed her commitment, expressing that she wouldn’t consider leaving Seun even if he were unfaithful.

According to Seun Kuti, infidelity doesn’t hold the power to sever their bond. He emphasized their belief that love transcends traditional notions of possession, stating, “We don’t believe in cheating. What is cheating? Love is not ownership.”

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Addressing a direct question about his response if the situation were reversed, Seun Kuti firmly stated that he wouldn’t entertain thoughts of separation over infidelity.

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