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"I Became Suicidal After My Friends Framed Me Up" - Moelogo

Moelogo, the British-Nigerian singer, has revealed how a wrongful accusation in the UK pushed him to contemplate ending his life.

In a recent interview with Cool FM in Lagos, Moelogo shared how his perspective on suicide drastically changed following this harrowing experience. He admitted that prior to this incident, he held the belief that individuals who took their own lives were lacking strength.

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Recalling the distressing episode, the singer expressed gratitude for having friends who intervened and prevented him from acting on suicidal thoughts. He recounted, “I used to believe that those who contemplated suicide were lacking in strength until I found myself in that situation. It made me realize that it’s not about being strong; it can affect anyone. It was the first time I felt like giving up.”

Moelogo expressed immense gratitude for the presence of two individuals who supported him during this challenging time. “I’m just thankful that I had at least two people around me who reassured me that ‘You have a purpose. This will pass.’ I consider myself lucky to have had concrete evidence against the false accusations—a recorded conversation involving my friends discussing their plans. Hearing that conversation made me break down; it was surreal. This audio evidence ultimately saved me from legal repercussions.”

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He disclosed that the individuals, whom he had known for over ten years, attempted to blackmail him for money, presuming he was affluent.

The traumatic incident left Moelogo on the brink of losing faith in assisting others.