Nigeria’s vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, inspires hope, revealing that the jubilee scholarship program, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, the European Union and other partners, a one-year internship program for 20,000 young Nigerians should begin in March 2022.

According to him 20,000 recent graduates will be selected for the program and integrated into a diverse workforce for meaningful economic integration. A total of 20,000 graduates will be employed in the private and public sectors in various industries and will be paid #920,000. 12 calendar months

Nigeria’s Jubilee Scholarship Program, in partnership with the United Nations Development Project (UNDP), has closed a portal that can recruit 20,000 eligible and qualified graduates.

The NJFP UNDP will soon select 20,000 graduates across Nigeria.

Graduates will acquire relevant skills and build networks suitable for the future in a variety of sectors including information and communication technology

Graduates face homicide cases related to financial services, trade, manufacturing, agriculture and agricultural processing, mining, telecommunications, creative and technology industries, education, health, research and development and government institutions.

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The Nigerian Jubilee Scholarship Program will be highly competitive 20,000 graduates will be selected through competitive selection.

A total of 20,000 graduates will be employed in the public and private sectors in various industries and will receive #920,000 for 12 calendar months.

The selection process is currently underway to include 20,000 graduates in the Nigerian Jubilee Scholarship Programme. We will thank you for the latest developments in this area.

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