How a Family Set Up a Man who Has Been Preying on their 15years Daughter (Video)


How a family set up a man who has been preying on their 15years daughter

A man has been caught after he was allegedly set up by the family of a 15years old girl whom he has been preying on.

Apparently, the man has been stalking the young girl and ended up texting her. The girl’s family found out about how he has been preying on their young daughter

So her family set him up. They acted as if she agreed to meet him and when he allegedly showed up to her house with a condom, they caught him and beat him up mercilessly.

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This serves as a lesson to most men who like to prey on younger girls. I believe that if most family adopt similar strategy in dealing with old men chasing after their teenage daughters, it would reduce the rate at which men prey on Underage girls.



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