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France vs Switzerland 3-3 (PEN 4-5) Highlights (Download Video)

Download EURO 2020 Highlights: France vs Switzerland* 3-3 (PEN 4-5). 


France vs Switzerland* 3-3 (PEN 4-5) Highlights Download: EURO 2020 Result – June 23rd, 2021. #EURO2020. 

Switzerland qualified to quarter of Euro 2020 with a 5-4 penalty shootout win over France after 3-3 full time  and extra time draw.

Switzerland take some time to ping it around themselves, a reminder that they’re not planning to spend the second half sitting deep.

Pogba diddles Xhaka and Rodriguez down the right, only to shank the ball out for a goal kick. But again, it’s an early sign that France have been ordered to pick it up a bit. Bof is not enough.

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France are now playing four at the back again, by the looks of it. Griezmann has a pop from distance; it’s always heading wide right. But it’s a statement of intent, if nothing else.

France get the second half underway. Deschamps/Steptoe/Savage has made a change, hooking Lenglet and sending on Coman.





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