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EPL: Crystal Palace vs Liverpool 1-3 Highlights (Download Video)

Download Football Video: Crystal Palace vs Liverpool 1-3 Highlights #CRYLIV .


Crystal Palace vs Liverpool 1-3 Highlights Download:  English Premier League (EPL) – January 23rd, 2022. 

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Crystal Palace and Liverpool started the match with full attacking forces.

A really enjoyable game until VAR intervened. The Palace players express their feelings to the referee. Vieira is now pacing after the referee Kevin Friend so he can have a wee word in his shell as they head under the stand.

Dave Jones: “And we know how scary he can be in the tunnel.” Roy Keane: “He’s always had a bit of a temper!

I’ll keep the blog going for a few minutes just in case PV4 goes rogue! You can also follow our Chelsea vs Spurs live blog here.

That’s knocked the stuffing out of the crowd. Although the Palace players, in fairness, continue to ask questions. I just cannot understand why people want to have VAR.

Like, if you can catch a clip of that foul in real time and then say with any confidence that the ref got his call clearly and obviously wrong, then, well, good luck I guess.

Impossible to see how Palace come back now, so just a few minutes until we can get to the real business of a Premier League football match in 2021-2022: highly paid former footballers sitting in a TV studio arguing about slow motion video clips.

What a shame. Unjust penalty. Jota had lost control of the ball, and ran into the Liverpool keeper. After a long, annoying delay, the pen is given. And the reliable Fabinho tucks it away.

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The VAR check drags on. The referee is going over to the monitor. “That is very ominous for Palace. I don’t think it is happened this season that a referee has stuck with his decision,” says Carragher.

Wouldn’t be a really enjoyable football match without a lengthy delay for a VAR check to interrupt it. Long, lovely pass from Trent AA, Jota onto it, he goes down in the area under the attention of the keeper.

He kind of bumps into the keeper. “I don’t think that’s a penalty,” says Jamie Carragher. “This would be very hard on Palace. It’s just a coming together.”






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