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Elche vs Real Madrid 0-3 Highlights (Download Video)

Elche vs Real Madrid Highlights

Download Football Video: Elche vs Real Madrid 0-3 Highlights #ElcheRealMadrid .


Elche vs Real Madrid 0-3 Highlights Download:  Spanish La Liga (Laliga Santander) – October 19th, 2022. 

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Elche vs Real Madrid’s match started with full attacking forces. VAR cancels out Benzema opener

Boyé and company look to generate danger, but Real Madrid’s defense avoids the arrivals.

It’s a great sight to see, a big central defender striding out and into the opposition half with the ball, and purpose.

Rudiger does just that although quickly remembers where he is and lays it off to a midfielder.

More lovely exchanges in the final third: Rodrygo, Modric and Carvajal involved this time. As they look to bring Benzema into the move a clever interception gets Elche sprinting away.

Nicolás Fernández Mercau left footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Assisted by Pere Milla.

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Fair play to the home side, they’re looking to give their loyal fans something to sing about.

A decent spell of possession, built from Badia in goal out from the back, gets the noise building in the stadium and forces their visitors to chase for a while.

Nothing comes from it, and Vini almost turns the space in behind against them on the break, but stutters too much.

The hosts have five players in attack but Morente chooses to go it alone and is forced into a pointless shot. Danger over shortly after.

Valverde is playing some lovely football this season and his confidence seems to be at an all time high.

As well as the goal tonight he’s also getting involved in a bit of showboating. I’m all for that, it’s the Beautiful Game, after all.







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