Drake’s Trending Leaked Nude Video and Sextape (FULL VIDEO)

Drake sextape and nude

Here’s the full trending leaked video and sextape of the popular hip hop rapper, Drake that is trending on X Twitter.


The international Canadian rapper, Drake is currently trending on social media as a sextape video of him masturbating leaked on X Twitter. The rapper was seen in a pose, naked, making a selfie video while jacking off his dick.

The spread of a video on the site depicting what appeared to be the rapper Drake masturbating (the singer has yet to verify the authenticity of the video).

The leaked nude video that allegedly features Drake is going viral on social media right now.

It’s unknown if Drake is actually the person shown in the video, but the clip features a man laying in bed and swinging his manhood around.

Drake is currently the number one trending topic on X (the app formerly known as Twitter) and fans are commenting on the video, with many wondering if it’s actually him.

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Before his Wednesday comment at the concert, the 37-year-old musician started trending on X once a video of him emerged on the platform. It put the Grammy winner on display, lying in bed and engaging in a sexual act.

Despite the alleged Drake sex tape clipping coming to light, the songwriter has remained unbothered and continued to share concert updates on his Instagram along with other photos on his stories.

The original video was reportedly removed from X, but not before it garnered unbelievable views and downloads. The user who did the deed cannot be found either, as their account was suspended


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