DJ Fanes ft. Hypeman Mask - One Africa Vibes Mix (Val.2)

DJ Fanes ft. Hypeman Mask – One Africa Vibes (Val.2) Mixtape Download.


DJ Fanes ft. Hypeman Mask – “One Africa Vibes (Val.2)” Mixtape: Uniting the Continent Through Music. 

A talented Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Fanes Aka only one ninja dj is back with another extraordinary mixtape which he titles, “One Africa Vibes Mixtape Vol.2

One Africa Vibes Mixtape Hosted By Dj fanes feature Hypeman mask Furthermore, the music sensations annihilated the beat with their distinct vibes. My Ge by Kizz Daniel, puff and pass by ZerryDi, Things On Things by Shallipoppi , City by Burna Boy, and other songs are also included on the mixtape.

The vibrant and diverse tapestry of African music continues to captivate audiences worldwide, celebrating unity and cultural richness. The latest musical creation, “One Africa Vibes (Val.2)” by DJ Fanes, featuring the charismatic Hypeman Mask, is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and evoke a strong sense of African pride.


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This mixtape embarks on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of African music. It’s a sonic exploration that transcends borders, featuring an eclectic fusion of sounds from different regions across the continent. From the afrobeats rhythms of West Africa to the infectious grooves of South Africa, “One Africa Vibes (Val.2)” is a musical passport that transports listeners to the heart of the African experience.

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DJ Fanes is no stranger to the art of mixing beats and harmonizing melodies. With a keen ear for rhythm and an innate ability to read the crowd, he crafts a musical narrative that keeps you hooked from the very first track. His expertise in blending different genres seamlessly is showcased in this mixtape, where he curates a melodic journey that captures the essence of Africa’s musical diversity.


No African musical journey is complete without the infectious energy of a skilled hypeman. Hypeman Mask, with his electrifying presence, infuses the mixtape with an unparalleled energy, guiding the audience through each musical transition. His charismatic flair and infectious chants ensure that the energy on the dancefloor never wanes.

This mixtape goes beyond just being a collection of tracks; it’s a celebration of unity. Africa’s multitude of cultures, languages, and traditions is woven together by the universal language of music. “One Africa Vibes (Val.2)” reminds us of the strength that comes from embracing diversity and celebrating the shared rhythm that connects us all.


Prepare to groove, sway, and dance to the infectious beats of “One Africa Vibes (Val.2).” Whether you’re a seasoned lover of African music or new to the genre, this mixtape is your invitation to immerse yourself in the sounds that define the African experience. Let the music take you on a journey across the continent and feel the vibes that unite us all.


DJ Fanes and Hypeman Mask have masterfully created a musical masterpiece that pays homage to Africa’s rich musical heritage. “One Africa Vibes (Val.2)” is not just a mixtape; it’s a celebration of unity and an invitation to connect with the soul-stirring beats that define the African experience. So, turn up the volume, invite your friends, and get ready to experience the magic of Africa through the universal language of music.


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