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Cyril Lignac Biography

Cyril Lignac, born on November 5, 1977, in Rodez, Aveyron, is a renowned chef and the proprietor of an upscale restaurant. He has gained widespread recognition for his culinary television programs on the M6 channel.

Lignac’s culinary journey began in his hometown, where he received his initial training. Over time, he honed his skills under the guidance of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, solidifying his ambition to make cooking his life’s work.

Following the establishment of his own gourmet restaurant in Paris, Lignac expanded his culinary ventures by taking over the bistro Le Chardenoux. In 2010, he made a pivotal decision to share his passion with a broader audience by inaugurating a culinary workshop. Soon after, he caught the attention of the media and embarked on a television career.

His television debut took place with “Oui chef!” in 2005, followed by “Chef, the recipe!” and “Long live the canteen!” His most recent television venture, “The Chef Strikes Back,” has further solidified his status as a culinary personality.

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In January 2010, Lignac assumed control of “MIAM: Mon Invitation À Manger,” a weekly show produced by Kitchen Factory Productions, a company of which he is the manager. Just a month later, he took on the role of a mentor for contestants on the popular television program “Top Chef,” which also airs on M6.

Despite his television success, Lignac remains closely connected to his beloved culinary world. He even lent his voice to the character of Lalo in the French version of the animated film “Ratatouille,” which was released in 2007.

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