Cricket South Africa Is “Aware” Of Their Role In Anti-Racism Movement

Cricket team Cricket South Africa will make sure they have an active role in the campaign for “Black Lives Matter” once competitive cricket games make a comeback in South Africa. Following the standards set by the regulating board, the team has a balanced diversity for players who are either black or of color. This fact makes their support and advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement more significant and relatable.


For starters, South African pacer Lungi Ngidi already expressed his commitment to supporting the Black Lives matter movement once he takes the field again. He also expressed that the Protease players would have conversations amongst themselves on how they can do something to support the movement, including staging peaceful protests before match days happen. He also said that his team had taken the steps in making change as to how they recruit players of color for positions in the team.


This is echoed by the statement of Cricket South Africa Director of Cricket, Graeme Smith. In a press conference, he expressed support for Lungi and vowed that he and the entire team would join him in the cause, too.


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“We are very aware of what’s going on around the world and of our role at CSA,” he said in an online press conference. “Lungi answered it very well when he said we are all in our own little pockets, and I think it’s important that in the future we all come together and figure out how we can play our role in the BLM movement; how we can be effective in doing that.”


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“My belief in these things is that it’s important to have buy-in and that of everyone invested in it as well, and I have no doubt that will be the case,” Smith added. “But the discussion in each team environment and as CSA about how we handle it going forward is important.”


Smith also noted that their participation and their activities in relation to the BLM movement would have to be discussed in full and carefully.


“We do have the 3TC approaching on Mandela Day, where we are doing a lot for charity, and that will be our first occasion with the BLM movement. But as far as our iconic men’s and women’s teams are concerned, there needs to be discussion,” Smith added.


The campaign against racism has been going on for decades now. However, the cry for awareness and support blew up recently when George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by a police offer who knelt on his neck for almost eight minutes, despite Floyd’s repeated pleas. This incident–that was recorded and went viral on social media–sparked extreme emotions not only from the black community but also to other sectors, races, and communities. This also led to a series of protests and riots in various parts of the United States, calling for justice for the death of Floyd and the long-running chain of racism.

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