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Burna Boy Reveals Personal Reasons for Delaying Fatherhood

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“I’ll have kids when I’m ready”, Burna Boy says.


Award-winning Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu, widely known as Burna Boy, has opened up about his decision to postpone having children. The “African Giant” hitmaker recently addressed his fans during an Instagram Live session, explaining why he isn’t ready to embrace fatherhood just yet.

Burna Boy shared that the primary reason he hasn’t had children is his current inability to provide the level of attention and care he believes they deserve. He emphasized the importance of being fully present in his children’s lives, a commitment he feels he can’t make at this point in his busy career.

“Why haven’t I had kids yet? Because I’m not ready to have kids yet,” Burna Boy stated candidly. “Have you seen the way my mum loves me? Have you seen the way my dad loves me? I know I can’t give that to anyone right now with the life I’m living. So until I’m settled and I can be there for my children every day, I’m not having a kid.”

He further elaborated on his perspective by reflecting on his own upbringing. “I feel like my kids deserve better than what I got, and I had both my mum and dad around. So you understand, it’s about being able to give them the best.”

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Burna Boy also addressed rumors about his fertility. Responding to allegations that he might be impotent, he dismissed them as baseless. “When I see the bants and the things people say about me not being able to have kids, I just think it’s unimportant,” he said. “Even if it were true that I couldn’t have kids naturally, there’s something called IVF. But that’s not even the case.”

The singer’s candidness during the session highlighted his thoughtful approach to parenthood. He stressed that being fully prepared and present is crucial for him before taking on the responsibilities of fatherhood. His remarks resonated with many fans, who appreciated his honesty and dedication to future family life.

For now, Burna Boy remains focused on his music career and personal growth, ensuring that when the time comes, he will be the attentive and loving father he aspires to be. His decision reflects a mature and considerate stance, prioritizing the well-being of his future children above all else.

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