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Beyonce’s First Album In 6 Years, Renaissance Hit The Web Before Its Official Release

Beyonce's First Album In 6 Years Hit The Web Before Its Official Release

Beyoncé’s first album in 6 years hit the Web before its official release. The collection is called Renaissance and includes 16 compositions.

Beyoncé’s new album titled Renaissance, which was set to officially premiere on the 29th of July has leaked online. Variety reporters managed to find the tracks on many social media platforms, as well as posts offering to buy a CD copy. All 16 new songs from Renaissance also appeared on VKontakte, from which they were subsequently deleted. RBC Life sent an inquiry to the company, but it refused to comment on the situation.

For many years, Beyoncé has been the leading diva on the 21st-century American scene. She has emerged from the iconic Girlband, had a powerful solo career, earned hundreds of millions of dollars, and has become a role model for a strong and independent woman.

The billionaire rapper in husbands is just a cool accessory. And her music over the past 10 years has matched: Beyonce has released either pathos-inducing visual albums at their best (like 2013’s “Beyonce”) or powerful femme Fatales (like 2016’s “Lemonade”). And now, on “Renaissance,” she’s thrown the biggest party of her career.

Renaissance will be the seventh studio album of the American singer and the first in the last six years. Beyoncé announced the record in mid-June when a song of the same name appeared on her social networks.

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Earlier, Beyoncé on social networks spoke in detail about the upcoming record. “The creation of this album allowed me to dream and find salvation in such a terrible time for the world,” the performer wrote. – I planned to create a safe place – a place without condemnation.

A place free from perfectionism and excessive self-digging. A place where you can shout, liberate, and feel freedom. It was a wonderful exploratory journey. I hope you find joy in this music. I hope she inspires you to stir yourself up. ”

Renaissance was the first album released by a woman in 2022 and topped the Billboard 200. This success was last achieved by the British singer Adele with her record “30” – her release took place in November 2021.

On the 1-st of July, the singer unveiled the cover of the new album, which showed her sitting half-naked on a holographic horse and wearing bionic jewelry. On the 21st of July, the tracklist was unveiled. Beyoncé’s previous solo album, Lemonade, was released in 2016.

The title single “Break My Soul” is based on Robin S’s “Show Me Love”, one of the key tracks of the nineties house, which British DJs would by the end of the decade be laying down in the birth of the geriatric era. It was the music of raves at Manchester’s notional Hacienda club, which started on a Saturday night and ended by Sunday afternoon. People went there to forget about problems, everyday life, work – about everything. It was music, at best, of the middle class, but actually of poorer people.

American singer Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance has become number one in the UK. Its sales were three times ahead of the competition. NME writes about it.

This is not the artist’s first record to become number one in the UK. Beyoncé’s debut album ‘Dangerously in Love’, released in 2003, earned the title, as did ‘4’ (in 2011) and ‘Lemonade’ (in 2016).

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