Beware of Fake Bank Alert, Check Your Account Balance for Confirmation - Cyber Safety Advocate, Onadipe Warns

Members of the public have been warned to always check their account balance to confirm any online payment made to their bank account to avoid falling victim to fake bank alert.

Rotimi Onadipe, who doubles as the founder of internet safety magazine and CEO of Onadipe Technologies, gave the warning on Saturday December 17, 2022 at a weekly broadcast to sensitise the public on how to avoid online scams.

According to Onadipe, the best and safest way to avoid falling victim to fake bank alert is to check the balance on one’s account.

He added that most people had lost huge sums of money to fraudsters through fake bank alerts and in most cases, the perpetrators could not be traced and all efforts by the victims to recover their money proved abortive.

“Beware, internet fraud has advanced beyond our imaginations and the cyber criminals are really taking advantage of our ignorance about their strategies.

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“If you depend only on the bank alert you receive on your phone as your proof of payment, you are taking a big risk because the cyber fraudsters have many tricks through which they can send you any fake bank alert that will look exactly like that of your bank.

“To avoid falling victim, always check your account balance by yourself. It is also advisable that you create an email and link it to your bank account so that you can always receive email alert of every transaction on your account, Onadipe said.

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