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10 Best Websites To Download Movies And Series 2021


Best websites to download latest movies online for free. 

The winter season is almost here and I’m 80% sure most people will be looking for best site to stream or download latest movies online. Everyone needs to relax after the stress work or schools give us and I have just made that easier for everyone.

Here I give you a collection of movies sites that make it easier and less expensive to watch and download your favorite tv shows or movies. I also state the pros and cons for making it a lot easier to make a quick decision of which you like best.

At the end of this article I give a comprehensive table to conclude and help you make up your mind on which movies download sites 2023 is best for you.


1. Youtube

I’m pretty sure you guessed it already. Youtube. Obviously this would definetly be on the list of top 10 best movies download sites to download movies free. Youtube houses quite some movies although you might not get the full video due takedowns strikes but it worth checking out.

They equally have it in smaller sizes although you would have to find a way to download it offline which might be exhausting. But still one of the best sites to download movies out there.


Pros: Does not cost a dime, A very nice user interface,available in small sizes

Cons: Contains ads, Some movies not entirely complete, no option to download offline.


2. Sharehdcinema movies

Sharehdcinema as movies best site to download movies
Sharehdcinema Movies download site


Sharehdcinema.com is one of the best out there due to their 24/7 support and a nice user interface on their site. This is the only site on our download movies sites list that users can earn by referring friends to the site. Once you register in your dashboard you get a referral link and can monitor your earnings there.

Also here you can download movies and series in small sizes and ultra hd quality. You can also request for movies or series as a user.

It’s one of the best movie download sites for mobile and PC. You can enjoy watching movies and series here also on your smart tv. This is like an alternative to Netflix. Their site looks extremely good and nice on every device. The also upload all movies and series in both 480p, 720p and 1080p so you don’t have to worry about getting HD movies or smaller version of movies or series.

Pros: Very easy to use, No ads, 24/7 support, nice user interface, movies and series available in HD and small sizes, Can be downloaded offline, Extremely Cheap can earn using referral link.

Cons: Requires payment/subscription

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3. YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies download website
YIFY Movies


YIFY Movies is a torrent site to download movies for free. This website has a huge collection of movies housing thousands of movies with different genres and also has movies right from the ninety’s.

On our list of best movies download sites free, this site is really great. You can never be out of movies here.

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You can also download movies at a smaller size incase you need to save data. However, ads spoil the fun here . On this site I would have to give it a “no go area” as the ads tend to install a virus on whatever electronic device you are using. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself and ensure you have avast anitvirus installed first.

Pros: Extremely Large selection of movies, nice interface, All free.
Cons: Contains too many ads, Uses torrent to download movies, No series available, Has a chance to install virus.


4. 1337x Movies

1337x Movies streaming and download site
1337x Movies

1337x movies is quite a popular site where users can download movies, series, music, Anime and the list goes on. On this website, You have access to tons of different entertainment videos or software. Sometimes their site goes down but nevertheless it would definitely get back up. And also it’s a free movie download site but contain ads.

5. Netflix

Netflix movie streaming site
Netflix movie streaming site


Netflix is definitely a must on the top sites to download movies list. Having various movies and series to choose from they equally have a very nice user interface and gives a nice user experience. They although require subscription so if you can afford it definitely check them out.

They equally host tons of series to stream from. If you are also a fan of series check them out. A downside to this site is you can’t download movies offline i.e on your phone or pc storage.

Pros: Nice user interface, Contains lots of movies, No ads

Cons: Requires subscription, A bit expensive for under developed or developing countries.


6. Hulu

Hulu movies download site


Hulu is equally a very nice platform. They equally run on subscription basis and have lot of movies to download online and series to watch. They have free movies to download version although with their free version you don’t have access to most of their contents.

They are going par to par with netflix and other subscription services out there. What do you think about hulu? Have you ever used hulu before? Comment below what you think..

Pros: Nice user interface, No ads

Cons: Expensive for developing/under developed countries,Does not contain all movies/series released,Cannot be downloaded off app.


7. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline movies download site


MoviesFoundOnline is a website having movies that go way back in the 90’s and even have some modern movies to download. On their movies download site, you can find free movies, short films, documentaries, animations, series & shows, stand-up comedy etc for you to watch and stream instantly.

Pros: Great user interface, Easy to use, Free

Cons: Most movies are not modern, Gets videos from youtube, Consistent unavailable videos.


8. Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter series download site
Movie Flixter series download site

This is a really good site which unlike many sites on this list of free movie download sites for mobile / pc, they provide information about future coming movies and they group out the best movies to download free of all time. You can easily search for movies here and bound to get a result.

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PROS: easy to use, Free to download movies online, available in small size
Cons: contains ads


9. Web Archive Movies

Web Archive Movies download website
Web Archive Movies download website


Archive.org have large collection of classic and modern movies. It also arranges its movies in categories in a pattern of genres. They have lots of things to download not just movies. They have softwares, ebooks and much more. They are practically a whole search engine.

Pros: Contains lots of movies
Cons: Contains ads, Not the best user interface


10. Movie Night

Movie Night series download website
Movie Night


The best thing about this website is it’s user interface. It’s really helpful and easy to use helping users to easily find their movies with ease. On our list of best movies downloading sites, this site comes off as one of the best in user interface. Definitely their are a few on this list which beat it but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Pros: Free, Lots of movie selection
Cons: The website has some pop-up ads but NOT annoying too much


11. 123Movies

123Movies download site


123Movies is quite the site housing tons of different movies to pick from. This site has movies from back in ages till date. They equally have some series/tv shows on their site making it one of the few on this article to have both series and movies. If you choose to go with this site, Great pick!!! But check out atleast 3 other sites to make a final decision.

Pros: Contains little to no ads, Houses different drama, Contains tv shows/series to download for free, User friendly
Cons: Contains ads


12. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is owned by Screen Media Ventures and you don’t need to pay a single buck to stream on this site. It has movies in different genres like series, drama, Horror, Action and Comedy.

You will find a lot of thrilling content on this website. The website has a simple interface so you can easily search for movies. However, one of the reasons why this website has a low ranking is that it is currently available in a few regions.



Out of all these on our top best websites to download movies or series online for free, we have our top three websites. We chose these due to their user experience because we see this as an importance to allow users enjoy user site and also at what length the user would have to go to in order to download movies or series with ease.

Coming in first is Youtube. This is because most used to their interface and how easy it is. It’s equally also free although it doesn’t contain as much movies as one would have expected.

Second, Sharehdcinema: – This is because they have no ads on their site and also the fee to pay really is quite negligible (easily overlooked / not hefty). Let’s not forget about how you can earn with this movies download site. It was practically made for countries who can’t afford services like netflix/hulu and done in such a which you can earn while at it.

Although they do not contain as much variety of movies as download movies sites who started ages ago but they update and add every day and be sure to know they contain recent movies.


Thirdly, 123Movies. This is because of the ease with which users can locate their favorite/best movies. They have quite some ads but not as much as some sites on the best movies downloading sites list. It’s also free so if your really tight on budget this is your probably your best bet.


Download movies sites 2021 2022 online Contains Ads Expensive/cost money
YouTube Has both free and paid version
Sharehdcinema X Extremely cheap
Yify Movies Free
1337 Movies Free
Netflix X Expensive
Hulu X Expensive
Moviesfoundonline Free
Movie Flixter Free
Web Archive Movies Free
Movie Night Free
123Movies Free
Popcorn Flix Free



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