Ashley Takes Over As Queen Naomi is Pushed Aside As Ooni of Ife's Latest Queen

Despite the fact that Oloori Naomi is recognized as the first Queen in the palace, she and her family members who live with her, know categorically that the latest Queen Ashley cannot be toyed with.

Journalist Kemi Ashefon reports that they all know Ashley is a no-go area and the Ooni doesn’t tolerate any form of disrespect towards his beautiful Ashley.

Well, Ashley was unveiled as the latest queen during the 47th birthday of the Ooni in October 2021. Even Oloori Naomi acknowledged the presence of some queens in the palace while giving her vote of thanks at the surprise party organised for the king.

She referred to Ashley as the Princess of the Source and prayed for more queens in the palace.

Not a few followers of the Ooni on social were surprised when Oloori Ashley referred to the monarch as ‘my crown” in her birthday shout-out.

Meanwhile, with her non-profit organization, Afolashade Ashley Adegoke Foundation, Oloori Ashley, who is a blue-blood, has succeeded in putting smiles on the faces of orphans, widows, single mums and the less privileged in the society.

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Queen Ashley would always refer to herself as a Princess of the Source.

On her Instagram page, she writes, “I am a princess of the source of Oodua… Aya Osha, Aya Adimula, Aya Olofin, Omo Olofin who can NEVER be duplicated, imitated or intimidated… Call me PAAA.. AFolasade Ashley ODU Aya Orunmila ”

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