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#ARSCHE : Arsenal vs Chelsea 0-2 Highlights (Download Video)

Download Football Video: Arsenal vs Chelsea 0-2 Highlights. #ARSCHE . 


Arsenal vs Chelsea 0-2 Highlights Download: Premier League – August 22th, 2021. #ARSMUN #AFC #CFC #EPL . 

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Another fine save from Leno. Lukaku gat get a shot away and plays in Havertz. the German, it looks like, tries a cheeky nutmeg but his compatriot is having none of it and saves well.

A shaft of light has descended for Arsenal – they have a corner. Can they get something from this? No, it was a decent delivery but Mendy came out and punched the danger away.

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As I wrote below Arsenal will be happy they weren’t thrashed – it was looking as though they were at half time. Such is modern-day football there will need to be a lot of soul-searching at the Emirates and this constitutes (bonkers as it’s only the second game, but there you go…)

A crisis for the once-title challenging club. Chelsea were streets ahead of their hosts. They rarely got out of second gear, it was all too easy and it’s clear to see they are real title contenders.

Chelsea bring on Werner and it’s Heavrtz who makes way. At the break Arsenal would have probably taken 2-0 – at the time it looked as thought it could have easily been four or five. That’s where Arsenal are at the moment – happy they’re not getting trounced at home to Chelsea.

Change for Chelsea – Mount is off as Ziyech comes on. They do have a strong squad, don’t they…





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