A Man Narrated How He Was Rescued From A Ritual Killer

An alleged ritual Moses Okoh, a 20-year old student of the University of Jos, is standing trial in a High Court as been testified against by Mr Allahnanan.

Mr Alkali explained how this ritual killer almost end his life by trying to hit him with wool.

Moses okoh as also been accused of killing his girlfriend Jeniffer Anthony in which he removed her eyes and some other part of his girlfriend body.

This incident happened at Nyanya Motor Park in Abuja where Moses try to kill onr of the security man on due.

In his word he said;


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“On Jan. 6, I was keeping watch at the Motor Park at about midnight when Okoh came in a cab requesting to chatter a vehicle to Lagos.

“I told him to go back and come in the morning as there was no vehicle but he pleaded with me to sleep in the premises but I refused.

“He left and came back around 2 a.m. asking where to eat, he went to a shop where noodles are sold to eat but l followed him because I started to suspect him to be a thief.

“I was trying to walk him out of the premises when he tried to collect the stick l was holding to kill me with it, he was very strong and almost had his way and l started screaming for help.

“Drivers who were sleeping in their cars came to my rescue and subdued him.

“He started shouting l did not kill Jennifer and we were wondering who Jennifer was, we tied him up till morning.

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“We later took him to the Nyanya Police Station and went back to our duties,” he explained.

There case has been adjourned to Match 9 by justice S.P Gang.

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