A Lady Explained Terrible Things Her Mother-In-Law Did To Her After She Got Married

A lady has share the story of her life on how she lost her child and what Happened after the incident

She said;

“I think that my in-laws love me until I found out when my baby died that’s when I realized that someone you don’t trust should say he loves you because the mouth speaks what the heart says otherwise.

“I could feel that my mother-in-law did not love me but because there was nothing wrong with me I did not take it to heart but every time she spoke I could see that she did not love me and that I could be her bride.

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“Every time we went to visit them we used to quarrel with my brother and I fell in love with him until his family stopped talking to me.

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“But good God i’m still alive until they bewitch me but i believe God will help me to live and i left their child (boyfriend)because i’m scared of them.

“My mother-in-law is a witch and her husband is what I saw because they said they were trying to kill me but unfortunately my baby died and this is when my relationship failed”.

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