5 TALKING POINTS: Chelsea 2 vs 2 Manchester United

Tempers flared on the sidelines as Chelsea bagged a 95th minute equaliser to deny Manchester United their biggest win of the season.

Ross Barkley fired home the leveller which sparked frantic scenes on the touchline, as Jose Mourinho reacted to a Chelsea coach’s celebrations. Anthony Martial had scored twice in the second half to put United in pole position for a massive victory, cancelling out Antonio Rudiger’s opener.

Here are five talking points from the game…

5 TALKING POINTS: Chelsea 2 vs 2 Manchester United

1. Second half is the charm for United

Once again, the Manchester United were saved by a dramatically improved second half performance. Just as they did against Newcastle, they looked like a completely different side when they returned to the pitch.

More conviction, more quality and more hunger. It was a little unfortunate they did not hold on to win.

That being said, alarm bells have to be ringing about the first-half performance. Chelsea could have been out of sight they were that dominant – and on another day it would have been game over.

5 TALKING POINTS: Chelsea 2 vs 2 Manchester United

2. Play until the whistle

It’s one of the first things you learn as a kid: play until the whistle.

Chelsea were utterly dominant against United, but by simply assuming that the play was going to be stopped when Marcos Alonso hit the deck, they saw their lead cancelled out.

Going to sleep like that is so uncharacteristic for Chelsea this season – but it cost them at an important moment of the game.

5 TALKING POINTS: Chelsea 2 vs 2 Manchester United

3. Pogba’s season summed up in one moment

For every moment of brilliance that Paul Pogba produces, there’s another moment that is simply frustrating for those watching him.

Antonio Rudiger had the freedom of the Manchester United penalty area when he headed the opening goal of the game – and it was all because Pogba fell asleep.

The midfielder was Rudiger’s marker but a split second lack of concentration allowed him all the time and space to guide his header into the corner of the net.

It simply must be a mentality thing. When he’s ‘on it’, he’s one of the best in the league. But he is not ‘on it’ often enough.

4. Hazard might just be the complete player

There was a moment in the first half which summed up just how brilliant Eden Hazard is.

Manchester United burst forward on one of their first meanwhile attacks of the game. Marcus Rashford was in down the right side and was in a dangerous position.

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But just as he thought he could cannon the ball into the box, he was hacked down… by Hazard.

5 TALKING POINTS: Chelsea 2 vs 2 Manchester United

Yes, he gave away the free-kick and was booked for the challenge, but the mindset of a forward charging back to help his team like that is nothing short of phenomenal.

You can often judge a player by what they do off the ball, rather than on it, and Hazard has got both sides covered.

5. Is Jose suffering from an identity crisis?

Perhaps one of Jose Mourinho’s major problems is that he does not know what identity he wants to put on his Manchester United team.

Mourinho was previously renowned for parking the bus and making his sides tough to beat.

But this United team is neither here or there. They definitely don’t approach games in Mourinho’s trademark defensive style – but they certainly are not playing the sort of swashbuckling football to make them attractive to watch.

Ok, United went on to win this game, but the first half performance alone should suggest that something has to change.


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