5 Die, 26 Sustain Injuries as Building Collapses in Anambra

Tragedy Strikes: Building Collapse Claims Lives in Anambra, Prompting Urgent Rescue Efforts.


In a heartbreaking incident at Odu-Igbo Market in Ochanja, Anambra State, five individuals lost their lives, while 26 others sustained injuries as a building collapsed.

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Governor Chukwuma Soludo, upon visiting the site, expressed profound grief over the catastrophe, emphasizing its preventable nature.

Efforts to rescue survivors are underway, with 26 people already hospitalized, while the search continues for any remaining trapped individuals.

Soludo underscored his dedication to tackling issues of illegal construction and disregard for regulations in the state. He disclosed that the collapsed structure was unauthorized, erected by a private developer without government approval.

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As part of immediate measures, Soludo announced plans for the demolition of illegal constructions, with the responsible parties bearing the cost. He assured the public of comprehensive reforms, including the redesigning of affected areas and stricter enforcement of building regulations.

Moreover, the governor pledged to conduct a thorough assessment of buildings across Anambra’s markets and public spaces, prioritizing safety through integrity tests and the removal of hazardous structures. Those implicated in illegal construction activities will face legal consequences, signaling a firm stance against impunity.

Soludo’s commitment to ensuring public safety echoes a broader campaign to eradicate lawlessness surrounding unauthorized construction, aiming to safeguard lives and prevent future tragedies.

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