According to the report given by police at Ikotun Division, Lagos, have started investigation to uncover the condition that led to the death of a 13-year old SS1 student, who reportedly committed suicide by drinking popular insecticide, Sniper, after he was suspended from school for two weeks.

According to a report by P.M. Express, the late Juwon was a student of Foldemi Private School located at Ola Farm area of Abaranje, Ikotun, Lagos. one of the female classmates went to the School Management and reported that the deceased touched the buttocks of another female classmate which he reportedly denied.

However, the School Management found him guilty and he was punished by suspending him from the school as a disciplinary measure to serve as examples to other students despite his denial.

The boy was very angry and felt humiliated for what he did not do in school. When he got home, he took the insecticide, Sniper, which was kept at home and drank it.
Few minutes after, he became unconscious and died in the process before his parents reach house

When his parents returned home and found him in that condition with a bottle of Sniper insecticide beside him, he was taken to an undisclosed hospital where the doctors confirmed that he is dead. His corpse was taken to the cemetery and buried immediately.

The death of the student, Juwon, sparked a serious protest in the area and the school to the extent that his classmates mobilised and stormed the home of their female classmate, identified as Chinaza, who was behind the suspension in order to attack her. But sensing danger, her parents managed to sneak her away from the compound and since then Chinaza is said to be in hiding.

When P.M.Express visited the school, it was under lock and key. It was said that the School Management directed the students to embark on midterm break to calm down the tension generated by the death of Juwon.

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